Diabetik for iOS

A new kind of diabetes management application for iOS

Diabetik is a free application for the iPhone and iPad which aims to help take the sting out of boring diabetes data entry. By combining auto-complete with a system that monitors your medication habits, Diabetik knows which medication you're most likely to be taking at any given moment. It's the first diabetes application that not only listens, but also learns from, you. And while it won't quite cook you breakfast, it can certainly remind you to take your medication when you leave the house in the morning.

Kickstarted last year with the support of hundreds of backers from around the world, Diabetik is now being developed as an open source project. Which means absolutely anyone is free to contribute or use the work we've done to start exciting projects of their own.

Smart Input

Innovative technology that saves you time by determining which medication you're most likely to be taking and when.

Insulin Calculator

A handy, built-in insulin calculator that takes into consideration your previous meal and glucose entries.

Interactive Charts

Beautiful, interactive charts that let you visually track your progress.


Diabetik is translated by our wonderful community and will work for people with diabetes around the world.